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Membership benefits include: RRLRAIA newsletters, an invitation to all RRLRAIA community meetings, access to emailed crime alerts and other important announcements, and special community events, such as the RRLRAIA Dumpster Day and the Annual Holiday Party in the Woods in December. Your dues support these efforts and all of the ongoing work of the RRLRAIA.

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Your dues support a very engaged and active board and executive director who are available to assist you with issues that affect the quality of life in your own neighborhood such as zoning/development, legislation, crime control/prevention, and traffic speed/congestion. While we can’t solve all problems, we’ll do our best to provide you with advice and the best information we have available. In addition, you will receive our newsletters, invitations to community events (Dumpster Days, Annual Meeting, Holiday Party in the Woods), emailed crime alerts and any other important announcements that come our way.

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